Custom Work

Personalized Designs to Suit Your Needs

Personalized Designs to Suit Your Needs

Reach out to us for custom gates and fence designs in Boise, ID

With so many identical fences on the market, it's easy to think you simply have to settle for a cookie-cutter design. If you have a specific vision for your property's gate or fencing, Canyon Fence Of Idaho is here to help. We'll work closely with you to design custom gates and fences of any material or size in Boise, ID.

We don't believe in pre-made parts and cheap construction. Our custom fence designs will give you the practical use and visual appeal you need. Call us today to start your custom fencing project.

Give your home or business a grand entrance

We can fabricate wrought iron or craft ornate wood pieces to give your gate the perfect look. Custom fence designs will:

  • Boost your curb appeal
  • Raise the property's value
  • Provide reliable security and protection

Have complete control over the finished product. Canyon Fence Of Idaho is your go-to source for custom gates and fences in Boise, ID.